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Fortified Lagoon

History of ideas of fortification in the Lagoon of Venice.

The castle of Ali Pasha at Butrint

From gateway to defence line.

Heraklion - Chania

A study of the evolution of its spatial and functional patterns

The Walls of Famagusta

These pages deal with the surviving monuments of the Frankish and Venetian rule over Cyprus (1192-1571).


The modern town of Koroni was founded in the 9th century on the site of the ancient city of Assine.

Historic Byzantine and Venetian Fortresses at Risk

Fortresses – symbols of the wealth and power of the Byzantine and Venetian period and built on Greek territory

Chania: Study of a Fortified Town

Archaeological studies of the stratigraphy of the town show that habitation in the area of Chania


Chania is the most important town of western Crete, built on the eastern part of Chania bay, on the site of the ancient town of Cydonia.

The White Tower of Thessaloniki

Although the White Tower is one of the best conserved and most visible elements of the fortifications of Thessaloniki,


The fortifications of Nicosia must be understood in the context of the larger Renaissance project

Sifnos in the Thirteenth Century

This paper explores the little-known beginning of Venetian rule of Sifnos,


The rocky coastal headland at Rethymno in northern Crete has been occupied since prehistory.

Michele Sanmicheli

Sanmicheli was born in San Michele, a quarter of Verona, which at the time was part of the Venetian terra ferma.


The complex of fortifications centred round the town of Nauplion (or Nafplion) is one of the most important and spectacular on the Greek mainland.

Modon (Methoni)

Maritime routes in the Mediterranean closely followed the coastline.

Relief Models of Venetian Fortifications

At the Church of Santa Maria del Giglio.


The Bay of Navarino on the west coast of the Peloponnese has a long military history stretching back to the construction around 1300 BCE of the Mycenaean citadel known today as 'Nestor's Palace'

Sant’Andrea and Carpenedo

Fort Carpenedo  and Fort  S. Andrea can be considered as a kind of summary of what was the Venetian fortified system during the centuries.

City Walls of Dubrovnik

The town fortifications, ramparts and towers outside the walls were built, reinforced and reconstructed in the period from the 12th to the second half of the 17th century.


Corfu: the fortifications

Corfu played a key role in the expansion plans of the Kingdom of Naples in the XIth and XIIth centuries.







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