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In search of Fort St Elmo 1565

Undeniably, the most fascinating aspect of Fort St Elmo's long and chequered history is the heroic role it played during the Great Siege of 1565.

A Short Note on the Castrum Maris

The study of Maltese late-medieval fortification is a difficult task by any measure.

Fort Tigné - 1792 - Part I

And Tousard’s Lunette D’Arçon.


Fort Tigné - 1792, Part II

Anatomy of Fort Tigné - the main features

Valperga’s fort on the Isoletto

Few realize today, that had Grand Master Nicholas Cotoner (reigned 1663-1680) and his military order of Hospitaller knights


A la Vauban

Podcast: Lecture 1. French Military Architecture in Hospitaller Malta.

Porta dei Mortari

St Helen Gate – Sta Margherita Enceinte, Bormla.

A Cubete Artillero at Mdina?

The recent archaeological discoveries at Mdina have revealed how little is really known about the true shape and form of this city's ancient and medieval fortifications.

French Military Architecture in Malta presents the first in an exclusive series of lectures by Dr. Stephen C. Spiteri on Military Architecture and Fortification.







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