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Malatesta Fortresses and Castles

The territory around Rimini is flat only in part.


Alessandria is situated in the south-east part of Piedmont, at the confluence of the Bormida and Tanaro rivers.

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Magliano Town Walls

The strategic importance of Magliano, so close to the sea and the inland of Mount Amiata and Pitigliano, has never been doubted.

Rocca of Tentennano

The Rocca of Tentennano crowns a rocky crag upon the medieval suburb of Rocca D'Orcia in the Val D'Orcia, province of Siena.

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Sant' Alessio Castle

Sant'Alessio Castle, locally known as Castello di Sant'Alessio, lies next to the town of Sant'Alessio Siculo,


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Fighine Castle

The castle rises in an exceptional strategical position, on the watershed between the valleys of the Paglia and the Chiana streams

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Poppi castle

The castle of Poppi is the most important medieval monument of the whole Casentino area.

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The Castle of San Leo

The fortress of San Leo is undoubtly the most well-known in the Dukedom;

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Lastra a Signa Town Walls

Lastra a Signa, toponym derived from the presence in this area of numerous stone caves,

Rocca of Piancastagnaio

Since the 11th century the area of southern Tuscany around the castle of Piancastagnaio was the object of the expansionist politics

Lucca's Fortified Enceinte

If, as psychologists have been trying to convince us for years, war is merely the collective expression of mankind's fears,

Capalbio Castle & City Walls

The Medieval village of Capalbio is located on a hill surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation

Fort Belvedere

Werk Gschwent Lavarone, today better known as Forte Belvedere, was designed by the Lieutenant of the Army Corps of Engineers

The Walls of Verona

One often wonders why cities grew up where they are, but with Verona, the answer is obvious:

Castel Sant' Elmo

Sant' Elmo is the name of both a hill and a fortress in Naples, located near the Certosa di San Martino.

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Euryalus Castle

Euryalus Castle (the name comes from a Greek word, eyryélos, which means "shaped like a nail") of Syracuse

The Hospice Defensive Line

The Caposaldo Ospizio [Hospice Stronghold] is part of the 1st Defensive System and belongs to the overall Sector IX "Moncenisio",

Castel dell'Ovo

Castel dell'Ovo (in Italian, Egg Castle) is a castle located on the former island of Megaride,

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Castra Praetoria

The barracks of the praetorian guard, built by Tiberius at the instigation of Sejanus in 21‑23 A.D.

The Castle of Melfi

The castle of Melfi in Basilicata is a monument owned by the Italian State and one of the most important medieval castles in Southern Italy.

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