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Restoring Ximenes Redoubt

The restoration of the Knights’ period salt pans at Salina Bay, in the North of Malta, currently underway,

Campaigning for Rihama Battery

Din l-Art Helwa’s pioneering restoration of St. Mary’ Battery in Comino in the 1990s and lately, St Anthony’s Battery at Ras il-Qala in Gozo,

Targa Battery Open Day

The Mosta Local Council held an open day at Targa Battery on Sunday 13 May in an effort to attract people

ERDF Funds for Fort St. Angelo

The Maltese Government has recently announced that Heritage Malta will be allocated €13.4 million

Reconstructed Gateway for Qala Battery

Din L-Art Ħelwa, Malta’s long-standing and leading non-profit-making voluntary heritage organization,

Flanking battery discovered in Valletta Ditch

The hitherto undocumented remains of what was once a low flanking battery situated in the ditch of Valletta,
Restoration of St Christopher Bastion

The Restoration Directorate in the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs recently commenced with the restoration

New Drawbridge for Fort Manoel

Authentic wooden features are rare in Maltese fortifications, particularly those dating back to the eighteenth century and earlier.

Elvas Nominated for World Heritage

Even for international specialists, the first visit to Elvas (Portugal) is almost always a surprise.

Restoration of the Birgu Fortifications

The Birgu fortifications are one of Malta's four major historical works of military architecture and fortification earmarked for restoration by the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs (MRR)

Recuperating the Post of Castile notes with satisfaction that the bastioned Hornwork of the Post of Castile in Vittoriosa has finally been given back its proper legibility with the dismantling of a large oil-bunkering structure which had been crudely grafted on to the lower half of the bastioned enceinte during the past century.

The Gozo Citadel at Ferrara

The restoration of the Gozo Cittadella and the European Union co-funded restoration projects on some of the most important works of military architecture in the Maltese islands currently being undertaken by the Maltese government







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