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Inca Quarrying and Stonecutting

Inca construction techniques have long been the subject of wild speculation.

The Construction of Hadrian's Wall

The purpose of this thesis is to examine all the processes necessary to build theWall

Spolia in Fortifications

Turkey, Syria and North Africa.

Ankara's Citadel Walls

The study aimed to identify deterioration problems, repair and conservation needs of andesites on the walls of the Ankara Castle.

Transmission and recall

The use of short wall anchors in the wide world.

The Baluarte do Cavaleiro

Portugal is a country that has a vast and a rich heritage of stone masonry constructions which are live witnesses of the historical past

Mortars in Spanish New World Fortifications

Fort San Cristóbal is the largest fortification ever built by the Spanish in the New World.

Construction Materials in Song City Walls

The Tang-Song period was a transformative period in the development of Chinese history,

Technological Features in Greek Fortifications In Sicily

It is known that the defensive works of some Sicilian cities in Magna Grecia, such as Naxos, Lentini, Megara Iblea, Selinunte,date back to the Archaic Era.

Traditional Rammed Earth

Rammed earth, also known in French as pisé de terre or simply pisé has been used since ages worldwide like many other earth techniques.

Repair mortars for a maritime fortress

External renders covering façades of buildings placed in maritime zones suffer severe direct aggressions of the surrounding micro-environment,

Moygara Castle, Co. Sligo

Radiocarbon Dating of Lime Mortars.

Repair Mortars for Historic Masonry

Theory transformed into practice and the results from practice distorting theories.

Stone and mortar in Roman Buildings, Hungary

The security of the limes, i.e. the eastern borders of the Roman Empire was guarded along the Danube by a range of fortified camps and localities.

Study of Sticky Rice

Lime Mortar Technology for the Restoration of Historical Masonry Construction.

The use of Rosendale cement in the US

With a preliminary case study of Fort Jefferson, Florida.

The Antonine Wall

Construction and Distance Slabs.

Repair and conservation of brickwork

Brick is a coherent mass constituting largely of aluminium and calcium silicates.

An Investigation of Mortar

In Janhangir's quadrangle, Lahore Fort, Pakistan

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