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The Early Effects of Gunpowder on Fortress Design

The introduction of gunpowder did not immediately transform the battlefields of Europe.

Projectile Throwing Engines of the Ancients
Of ancient Greek authors who have left us accounts of these engines, Heron (284-221 B.C.) and Philo (about 200 B.C.) are the most trustworthy.
A Muse of Fire

British Trench Warfare Munitions, 1914–18.

War Reimagines the State

The Military Technical Revolution and State-Formation in Early Modern Europe.   

The Roman Army in Hispania

Roman Republican camps, weapons and battlefields in Spain.

The Defence of Calais

And the Development of Gunpowder Weaponry in England in the Late Fifteenth Century.

The Trace Italienne

And the Military Revolution During the Eighty Years' War, 1567-1648.

The Age of Armour

The goal of this project was to create a documentary for public view at the Higgins Armory Museum.  

Military Revolutions of the Hundred Years' War

The concept of the "military revolution" first entered the historical literature with Michael Roberts's famous inaugural lecture,

Chinese Siege Warfare Weapons

The Hudun Pao or "Crouching Tiger" Catapult, is a medium-sized catapult

Geodesy and Coast Defense

Geodesy is the science of representing the shape of the earth and of defining the positions of points on its surface, through surveying.

Hotchkiss 40mm Flank Defence Cannon

The weight and support requirements for early machine-guns lead to the realisation that these were defensive weapons,

Cannons and Gunpowder

The smoothbore cannon, first appearing in the early 14th century in Europe,


Artillery through the ages

Looking at an old-time cannon, most people are sure of just one thing: the shot came out of the front end.

Forts Under the Sea

Submarine Mine Defense of San Francisco Bay.

Mining Operations in Warfare

Mining operations--not to be confused with the laying of ground mines--are a rather unusual but at times a vitally important phase of warfare,

Coast Artillery Fire Control

Many of the sites that were once involved in coast defense were related to do with some aspect of fire control for the Coast Artillery.

Disappearing Guns of New Zealand

The object of a 'disappearing' gun was to protect both detachment and equipment from hostile naval fire,

the Moncrieff System of Working Artillery

On the Moncrieff System of Working Artillery as applied to Coast Defence.   

Building the City Destroyer

In late 2003, Darlow Smithson Productions went on a worldwide search for teams of welders,

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