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The Role of Castles

In the political and military history of the Crusader States and the Levant1187 to 1380.   

Attacking the Heart and Guts

Urban Operations Through the Ages.

Cave Warfare on Okinawa

By the fall of 1944, the United States was in the final phase of its war against the Empire of Japan.

Hoplites and Obstacles

Until the mid-fourth century BC, Greek poliorcetics remained rudimentary, and well-walled cities were usually secure from enemy attack.

The Siege of Xi’an and its historical significance

Ancient fortifications, modern firepower, and warlord politics.

A Muse of Fire

British Trench Warfare Munitions, 1914–18.

Assyrian Military Practices

And Deuteronomy's Laws of Warfare.

English castle garrisons in the Anglo-Scottish wars

The military history of the castle has been dominated by architecturally based studies whilst little attention has been paid to the men who manned them in time of war.

Attack on Fort Driant

About 5 miles southwest of Metz, just west of the Moselle River, stood Fort Driant, one of the strongest in the band of forts.  

Lowland Maya Fortifications

The purpose  of this paper is to review the evidence for, and implications of, Lowland Maya military architecture,

Combat, Welfare and Violence

The Experience of Spain's Early Modern Soldiers.

The Siege of Leboho

South African Republic Fortificationsin the Blouberg, Northern Transvaal.

Siege of Tournai, 1709

The winter of 1708-9 had been a severe one and France was suffering from food shortages.

The hell of Verdun

Verdun, which today is the capital of freedom, was once one of the most horrifying battlefields of the Great War.

War Reimagines the State

The Military Technical Revolution and State-Formation in Early Modern Europe.   

The Roman Army in Hispania

Roman Republican camps, weapons and battlefields in Spain.

The Defence of Calais

And the Development of Gunpowder Weaponry in England in the Late Fifteenth Century.

The Trace Italienne

And the Military Revolution During the Eighty Years' War, 1567-1648.

Roman Artillery Balls from Qasr Ibri

"The Ethiopians who extend towards the south and Meroe are not many in number and are a scattered population

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