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Late 18th century Russian Navy maps

and the first 3D visualization of the walled city of Beirut.

Ancient Architecture in Syria

Far out in the desert, in the midst of a rolling plain, beside the dry bed of an ancient stream, there is a deserted city.

Attacking the Heart and Guts

Urban Operations Through the Ages.

A Changing Defense

Roman Impetus for the Evolution of Pompeian Fortification   

Walls of Bergamo

Between the Eneolithic and the late Bronze Age a settlement in the area of the present-day Colle della Rocca must have already existed.

Unraveling Butrint

Putting together a city's history by studying its walls.

Heraklion - Chania

A study of the evolution of its spatial and functional patterns

Fortifications of Cadiz

Founded by the Phoenicians as Gadir around 1100BC, Cadiz is thought to be the oldest town in Spain.

Rehabilitation of Asilah

Asilah is an ancient coastal town founded in Phoenician times.

Fortified Vietnamese Hamlets

When the British fought the insurgency led by Chinese Communists in Malaya from 1948 to 1960, one of their weapons was


By the mid-17th century the channel port of Dunkirk had a reputation for being a haven for privateers

Common plan needed for Diyarbakır’s walls

It is essential that all relevant parties work together to protect the walls of Diyarbakır given their iconic status,

Magliano Town Walls

The strategic importance of Magliano, so close to the sea and the inland of Mount Amiata and Pitigliano, has never been doubted.

Civitella del Tronto

The toponym of Civita, from which Civitella derives, indicates an ancient town settlement, or a village built on the site of existing settlements.

Roman York

In the first edition of this book, published in 1993, I wrote that it was both a good time and a bad time to produce a book on Roman York.

Bad Radkersburg

Because of its border position, Radkersburg was strategically important as a fortress from the beginning.

The walls of Thessaloníki

A monument of Late Antique and Byzantine fortification.

War Reimagines the State

The Military Technical Revolution and State-Formation in Early Modern Europe.   

Ayyubid Cairo

The Fatimid dynasty in Egypt met its end in 1169 at the hands of a commander, named Nur al-Din.

Lastra a Signa Town Walls

Lastra a Signa, toponym derived from the presence in this area of numerous stone caves,

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