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British Army WW1 Trench Maps

The map shown here is a section of a British Army Trench Map of the area east of Ypres on the Ypres Salient battlefields in Belgium.

Archaeology of a Great War Dugout

Beecham Dugout is situated on the lower slopes of the Passchendaele Ridge, to the north-east of the Belgian town of Ypres (Ieper).

Survey of Edinburgh First World War trenches

World renowned experts have begun a major survey aimed at unlocking the secrets of the Edinburgh's First World War trenches.

A Muse of Fire

British Trench Warfare Munitions, 1914–18.

Fort de Loncin

With the start of the Great War in the summer of 1914, Germany faced enemies on two fronts - the Russians and the French.  

Fortifications in the Gresta Valley

This work is part of a research on the use of terrestrial laser scanner, integrated with total station and GPS,

The hell of Verdun

Verdun, which today is the capital of freedom, was once one of the most horrifying battlefields of the Great War.

Medieval and Later Fieldworks

From the late 14th century gunpowder artillery and small arms began to dominate the battlefield,

Scotland's Wartime Defences

The story of wartime defences in Scotland in recent centuries begins with Martello towers.

Trench Warfare

Why was it so costly in human lives in World War 1?

Fort Dorset

Fort Dorset was located in the suburb of Seatoun at the entrance to the harbour of Wellington.

WWI Unearthing the hidden tunnel war

Archaeologists are beginning the most detailed ever study of a Western Front battlefield,

Fort San Salvatore and German POWs

A very interesting article in German, entitled 'In maltesischer Gefangenschaft' (In Maltese Captivity),

Fort Kaiser Wilhelm II

In January 1893, Kaiser Wilhelm II himself decided to build a fortress on a 330 m. height above the village of Mutzig

Belgian Fortifications, May 1940

The organisation of Belgium's fixed defences in World War II was partly based on the experiences of World War I,

First World War Fortifications in Espoo

Ideas about fortifying the Gulf of Finland were first put forward as early as 1907, following the Russo-Japanese War, when the Russian navy was completely routed at the Battle of Tushima in 1905.

The application of First World War aerial photography

The First World War left its mark on the ground surface of Europe as perhaps no other human catastrophe before or since.

Krepost Sveaborg

Land and Sea Fortress of Helsinki during the First World War.

Defences of the Tyne and Wear

Over the centuries the North of England attracted a wide variety of defensive structures to counter threats from both near neighbours and Europe.

Fort Liezele

After the revolution of 1830, Belgium became a neutral state, the independence of which was guaranteed by the great powers of the day: France, Great Britain, Prussia, Austria and Russia.

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