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Gnien is-Sultan

One finds that most studies on the fortified city of Valletta are primarily concerned with the history and development of the city’s military architecture.

Constantine's Military Architecture in the Balkans

The elevation, of Constantine I by the military to the Roman imperial throne in 306

Characterization of the Ball Game in Walled Settlements

In research on the implementation of the ball game in the historic centers, there have been similarities between spaces, where the game has been implemented in the walled settlements,

Attacking the Heart and Guts

Urban Operations Through the Ages.

Walls of Bergamo

Between the Eneolithic and the late Bronze Age a settlement in the area of the present-day Colle della Rocca must have already existed.

Unraveling Butrint

Putting together a city's history by studying its walls.

Fascist Colonialism

The archaeology of Italian outposts in western Ethiopia (1936-1941).   

Heraklion - Chania

A study of the evolution of its spatial and functional patterns

Periph Fluide: Siege Tactics in Architecture.

Throughout history the city wall has evolved in response to technological innovation and topographical serendipity.

Rehabilitation of Asilah

Asilah is an ancient coastal town founded in Phoenician times.

Civitella del Tronto

The toponym of Civita, from which Civitella derives, indicates an ancient town settlement, or a village built on the site of existing settlements.

Bad Radkersburg

Because of its border position, Radkersburg was strategically important as a fortress from the beginning.

War Reimagines the State

The Military Technical Revolution and State-Formation in Early Modern Europe.   

Turin - miltary architecture and urban design

The formal history of a city is not easy to write. The elements of urban design, city planning, and architecture


Due to the absence of archaeological data, we can only assume that the Episcopal seat of the castle hill


Before the present day town was founded, another town, Villelongue, with its mid 12th century Romanesque church,

Urban Castles

The subject of the present paper comprises a group of castles superficially distinguished from the generality of that type,

Chania: Study of a Fortified Town

Archaeological studies of the stratigraphy of the town show that habitation in the area of Chania

The Founding of New Orleans

In this dissertation, I argue that many of Louisiana's founding administrative and military elite relied on French social norms

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