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Defending Renaissance Italy

The Innovative Culture of Italian Military Engineers.

Scotland's castles

Rescued, rebuilt and reoccupied, 1945-2010.


The Definition of Cyclopean

An Investigation into the Origins of the LH III Fortifications on Mainland Greece.

The Role of Castles

In the political and military history of the Crusader States and the Levant1187 to 1380.   

Earth and Timber Castles of the Llŷn Peninsula

In their Archaeological, Historical and Landscape Context.   

Heraklion - Chania

A study of the evolution of its spatial and functional patterns

Aspects of the archaeology of the castle in the north of England

This thesis is an examination of the archaeological, historical and landscape contexts of the Norman castle in the northern counties

The Construction of Hadrian's Wall

The purpose of this thesis is to examine all the processes necessary to build theWall

The fortifications of Arkadian poleis

This study comprises a comprehensive and detailed account of the historical development of Greek military architecture and defensive planning specifically in Arkadia in the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

A Muse of Fire

British Trench Warfare Munitions, 1914–18.

Defensible or not defensible?

Guard houses from Middle and Late Minoan Crete revisited, using GIS and Space Syntax.

The São Sebastião fortress at Mozambique Island

A testimony of the variety in sixteenth century military architecture.

Architecture in Ruins

This dissertation investigates the relationship of the Fortifications in Pretoria to the public.

Fortaleza de Quirihuac

A Chimú Fortress in the Middle Moche Valley

Aggressive Architecture

Fortifications of the Indus valley in the Mature Harappan phase.  

St.Angelo and Bekal Fortresses

St. Angelo and Bekal Fortresses -A Comparative Study.

Evolution of Roman Defences on the Danube.

The evolution of the Roman Defence Systems and Fortifications in the Lower Danube provinces in the first and second centuries AD.

Hidden Complexities of the Frankish Castle

Social Aspects of Space in the Configurational Architecture of Frankish Castles in the Holy Land, 1099-1291.

The Castles of Mallorca

A diachronic perspective of the dynamics of territorial control on an Islamic island.

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