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Substance and Practice

Building Technology and the Royal Engineers in Canada.

European Cartographers and the Ottoman World

The exhibit explores how mapmakers came to know and map the Ottoman world between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.

The Iron Duke's West Indian Barracks

Wellington's Uniform Barrack System crystallized a complex vision, imprinting an 1820s type on generations of military builders for over a century.

The Definition of Cyclopean

An Investigation into the Origins of the LH III Fortifications on Mainland Greece.

Evolution of siege techniques

From the Catholic Monarchs to Vauban.

Earth and Timber Castles of the Llŷn Peninsula

In their Archaeological, Historical and Landscape Context.   

Walls of Bergamo

Between the Eneolithic and the late Bronze Age a settlement in the area of the present-day Colle della Rocca must have already existed.

Inca Quarrying and Stonecutting

Inca construction techniques have long been the subject of wild speculation.

The Construction of Hadrian's Wall

The purpose of this thesis is to examine all the processes necessary to build theWall

The fortifications of Arkadian poleis

This study comprises a comprehensive and detailed account of the historical development of Greek military architecture and defensive planning specifically in Arkadia in the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

Rammed earth walls in Serón de Nágima castle

The Raya or frontier between the kingdoms of Castile and Aragón was fortified with a system of castles and walled-cities

The São Sebastião fortress at Mozambique Island

A testimony of the variety in sixteenth century military architecture.

Aggressive Architecture

Fortifications of the Indus valley in the Mature Harappan phase.  

Evolution of Roman Defences on the Danube.

The evolution of the Roman Defence Systems and Fortifications in the Lower Danube provinces in the first and second centuries AD.

Stabilization and Preservation of DoD-owned Military Fortifications

Numerous DoD installations contain historic military fortifications. These fortifications have been constructed through a large number of historic periods,

The Castles of Mallorca

A diachronic perspective of the dynamics of territorial control on an Islamic island.

History of the U. S. Topographical Engineers

Topographical engineers were authorized for War Department duty by an act of March 3, 1813,

Fortified Vietnamese Hamlets

When the British fought the insurgency led by Chinese Communists in Malaya from 1948 to 1960, one of their weapons was

Machicolation: History and Significance

Machicolation survived from the mid-twelfth century to the beginning of the sixteenth,

Jesuits and Fortifications

An important and pioneering new study on the Jesuits' contribution to the teaching of the science of military architecture

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