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Fortifications of the Great Siege

This 40-minute video documentary, produced by on the occasion of the 450 anniversary of the Great Siege, takes a look at the fortications of the Hospitaller Knights of St. John in 1565.

Evolution of siege techniques

From the Catholic Monarchs to Vauban.

The Early Effects of Gunpowder on Fortress Design

The introduction of gunpowder did not immediately transform the battlefields of Europe.

Burgos castle siege tunnels & well

Amongst the most interesting features of Burgos castle are the medieval well, siege tunnels and counter mines that have been preserved below the surface.

Attacking the Heart and Guts

Urban Operations Through the Ages.

Projectile Throwing Engines of the Ancients
Of ancient Greek authors who have left us accounts of these engines, Heron (284-221 B.C.) and Philo (about 200 B.C.) are the most trustworthy.
Civil War Earthworks at Fort Blakeley

The public history project described herein was performed at Blakeley Historic Park, Alabama.

Hoplites and Obstacles

Until the mid-fourth century BC, Greek poliorcetics remained rudimentary, and well-walled cities were usually secure from enemy attack.

The Siege of Xi’an and its historical significance

Ancient fortifications, modern firepower, and warlord politics.

Periph Fluide: Siege Tactics in Architecture.

Throughout history the city wall has evolved in response to technological innovation and topographical serendipity.

Assyrian Military Practices

And Deuteronomy's Laws of Warfare.

The Siege of Leboho

South African Republic Fortificationsin the Blouberg, Northern Transvaal.

Siege of Tournai, 1709

The winter of 1708-9 had been a severe one and France was suffering from food shortages.

War Reimagines the State

The Military Technical Revolution and State-Formation in Early Modern Europe.   

The Defence of Calais

And the Development of Gunpowder Weaponry in England in the Late Fifteenth Century.

Second Siege of Saragossa

The second siege of Saragossa was an epic struggle that encouraged Spanish resistance to the French throughout the Peninsular War.

Military Revolutions of the Hundred Years' War

The concept of the "military revolution" first entered the historical literature with Michael Roberts's famous inaugural lecture,

Chinese Siege Warfare Weapons

The Hudun Pao or "Crouching Tiger" Catapult, is a medium-sized catapult

Castle Warfare in the Gesta Stephani

The reign of the English king Stephen (1135-1154), popularly known as 'the Anarchy', is a fruitful source of study

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