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Revitilising Historic Rostov

In the Netherlands little is known about the shared cultural history at Rostov.

Maxim Gorky Naval Battery, Sevastopol

After disastrous war with Japan in 1904-1905 Russian Imperial government decided to upgrade coastal defenses of the Sevastopol Navy Base in Crimea with two huge armored naval gun batteries.

The Peter and Paul Fortress

In the center of St.-Petersburg, on the small island of the river Neva, the stone walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress were the first construction of the city.

The Stalin Line

Fortification of the USSR's Western Border.

 18th Century Fortress Unearthed in Russia

Archeologists have dug out an ancient fortress at the industrial site of the production enterprise "Mayak" in Ozersk town

Port Arthur 1904

Fishing vessels sailed from the warm-water harbor of Lushun,

Koporye (Russian: Копорье; Finnish: Kaprio Swedish: Koporje) is a historic village (selo) in Leningrad Oblast,

Chicha, Western Siberia: a fortified settlement of the Late Bronze Age / Early Iron Age in the forest-steppe zone.

Koguryo's Influence on Parhae Culture

During the past ten years an extensive archaeological investigation of the Parhae site in the Russian Maritime Region,

The Far East of the USSR

Coastal Defences and Land Border Fortified Regions of the Soviet Far East (1932-45).

The Organization of Taman’s Defense

One of the main priorities of modern archaeology is not just a study of specific sites, but the study of them in the context of the natural and historical landscape.

Kronstadt Fortress

Memory and Forgetting in Modern Russia.

The Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is the Russian national sanctuary and a unique creation of world culture.

Kopor'ye Fortress

The surprisingly well preserved ruin of Kopor'ye is located near the Baltic Coast between St. Petersburg and Narva.

Ivangorod Fortress
The castle stands high above the Navrona River on a bluff opposite the Estonian City, Narva.







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