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Appropriate Monumental Use of Fortresses

Hardly a subject seems more suitable for comprehensively reflecting the international and interdisciplinary aspects of conservation,

Reappraisals in English Castle-study

Cultural realities and reappraisals in English castle-study.

Frontiers of Knowledge

A research framework for Hadrian's Wall.

Battle Castle: The Series

Battle Castle brings to life mighty medieval fortifications and the epic sieges they resist:

Roman Roads, The New Way of Trajan

The Romans learned the value of quality roads during their conquests

 Earth-filled Protective Barriers

First there were sandbags, then came gabion baskets, and now a new element in field fortifications is emerging that could give sappers an enhanced, multifaceted capability for force protection.

The Dacian kingdom

The history of the Dacians of the Boirebistas era dates back toabout 1,000 BC.

Early warning sound mirrors

A forerunner of Radar, acoustic mirrors were built on the south and northeast coasts of England between about 1916 and the 1930s.

The Civil War

Welcome to The Civil War, the WEB's most extensive source of original Civil War resources.

Frontier Capital of the Assyrian Empire

When, in the ninth century BC, Assyria set itself once more on a program of outward expansion

Ancient Quarrying in Sudan

The Meroitic kingdom (300 B.C. – 350 A.D.) was situated to the south of Egypt and can be seen as a  link between the ancient Mediterranean World and Central Africa.

Water and Hospitaller Fortifications

By the end of the sixteenth century the collection of rainwater alone was no longer sufficient to meet the everyday needs of the inhabitants of Valletta.

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