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Late 18th century Russian Navy maps

and the first 3D visualization of the walled city of Beirut.

3D Reconstructions of Hospitaller Fortifications

Military is happy to announce that the first phase of an ambitious project which seeks to create 3D computer simulations of ALL the fortifications built, occupied, or adapted by the Hospitaller Knights

Counterguard Chapel Reconstructed is glad to note that the Chapel of  St Roche on St Michael’s Counterguard, in Valletta, which was demolished during the Second World War and never rebuilt, has been faithfully reconstructed.

Fortifications in the Gresta Valley

This work is part of a research on the use of terrestrial laser scanner, integrated with total station and GPS,

Reconstructive Study of Dur-Sharrukin

The experience presented here was gained in the context of the Project entitled Iraq Virtual Museum,

Reconstructions on the German-Raetian Limes

Archaeologists in north-west Europe are faced with the challenge of bringing their understanding of the records

Computer image of castle’s gatehouse revealed

A stunning image of what Sheffield Castle's gatehouse might have looked like in the 13th century

Battle Castle: The Series

Battle Castle brings to life mighty medieval fortifications and the epic sieges they resist:

Reconstruction of the oppidum on the Dunsberg

The word oppidum was used by Caesar in De Bello Gallico, in which he reports about his warfare against the Gauls.

The Albanian Fortified Citadel of Elbasan

Cultural heritage, particularly historical-architectural one, is rich in features related to the work's historic evolution

 Roman Fort Project Needs Support

The Roman Fort Project is an opportunity to enable people of all ages and abilities to engage with the past.

Kronprinz Tower

Koenigsberg's fortification system was first erected in 1255 together with the building of the fortress itself.

Reconstruction of Nag el-Hagar Fortress

This work is dedicated to the computer reconstruction of Roman fortress Nag el-Hagar in Egypt.

Spatial designs recovering of Dark Age Crete

The objective of this paper is to measure the relationship between the thickness of the fortifications on elevated defensive sites

3D castle vision in Somerset

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded a grant of £13,600 to Castle Cary Museum for a geophysics survey of the town's castle site.

Castellammare del Golfo

Survey Techniques and Virtual Reality for the Recovery Plan of a Fortified Mediterranean Town.

Building the City Destroyer

In late 2003, Darlow Smithson Productions went on a worldwide search for teams of welders,

The Baluarte do Cavaleiro

Portugal is a country that has a vast and a rich heritage of stone masonry constructions which are live witnesses of the historical past

Laser Scanning Methodology for Structural Modelling

Terrestrial laser scanners have found applications in many measurement tasks, especially for engineering projects and cultural heritage documentation (Bitelli, 2002).

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