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European Cartographers and the Ottoman World

The exhibit explores how mapmakers came to know and map the Ottoman world between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.

The castle of Ali Pasha at Butrint

From gateway to defence line.

Fort Julien

Fort Julien (or, in some sources, Fort Jullien) was a fort in Egypt,

The Krajina Project

Exploring the Ottoman-Habsburg Borderland.

Burj El-Kashla

Documentation Report of Burj El-Kashla, Old City of Akka (Acre), Israel.

The Corner of the Horn

An architectural review of the leaded magazine in Galata, Istanbul.   

The 18th-Century Fortifications of the Bosphorus

The strategic importance of the Turkish Straits hardly needs a comment.

Fort of Al-Hasa

The fortresses situated along the pilgrim routes were vital in that they provided travellers with the necessities:

Turkish Sipahis

Sipahis were Anatolian timariot warriors employed mainly as light cavalry in Turkish armies.

Yenikale Fortress

Protector of the Kerch Strait Coast.

Decoding Butrint's Fortifications

The painter edward lear, visiting Butrint in 1857,was evidently fascinated by its powerful fortifications.

Restoration of an Ottoman Watchtower in Payas

The subject of this thesis is the restoration project of Cin Kule in Payas.

The Palanka

A Characteristic Building Type of the Ottoman Fortification Network in Hungary.

The Costs of the Ottoman Fortress System

In Hungary In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


The Bay of Navarino on the west coast of the Peloponnese has a long military history stretching back to the construction around 1300 BCE of the Mycenaean citadel known today as 'Nestor's Palace'


A Great Ottoman Architect and Urban Designer.

Al-Khawabi Citadel

A Continuously inhabited Citadel on the Syrian coast.


Historical-archaeological investigations in Aqkerman fortress, Ukraine 2006.

Akkerman Fortress

A description of the Akkerman Fortress, Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky, Ukraine.

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