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Exhibition of current restoration and conservation works

An exposition of the Restoration Directorate's current restoration and conservation works

Restoration of the Cittadella


Extensive restoration works have recently begun on the fortified citadel of the Island of Gozo.

Turkish Sipahis

Sipahis were Anatolian timariot warriors employed mainly as light cavalry in Turkish armies.

Hospitaller Military Architecture

The National Library and the Study of Hospitaller Military Architecture.

New Drawbridge for Fort Manoel

Authentic wooden features are rare in Maltese fortifications, particularly those dating back to the eighteenth century and earlier.

The Templar Fortress of Tartous

Although largely famous today for its role as a Templar fortress during the time of the Crusades,

Caponier Unearthed in Birgu Ditch

A forgotten, burried stretch of eighteenth-century outerwork defences has recently been brought to light

The Art of Fortress Building in Hospitaller Malta

The Art of Fortress Building in Hospitaller Malta seeks to illustrate how the Knights of the Order of St. John and their military engineers went about designing,

St Anthony Battery

Din L-Art Helwa, Malta’s voluntary heritage organization, and the Local Council of Qala are collaborating in a joint effort aimed at restoring St Anthony Battery at Ras il-Qala, in the island of Gozo.

Fort St. Rocco

A British Flankless Fort in Malta.

Elvas Nominated for World Heritage

Even for international specialists, the first visit to Elvas (Portugal) is almost always a surprise.

St. Thomas Tower and Battery

The bays, inlets, and coves in the southern part of the Malta were always a source of concern for the knights of St. John.  


Sta. Maria Tower on Comino

There was a time in the late middle ages, when a journey across the Fliegu, the channel between Malta and its sister island, Gozo, was undertaken at great peril.

Nomination of Marvão as World Heritage Site

The municipality of Marvão, in the Province of Alentajo, Portugal, is currently putting together a dossier for the nomination of the mountain-fortress of Marvão as a world heritage site.

3D Model of Crac des Chevaliers

A team from recently visited Crac des Chevaliers in Syria

Porta dei Mortari

St Helen Gate – Sta Margherita Enceinte, Bormla.

Bracing Mdina’s Falling Ramparts

On Wednesday, 18 August 2010, the Maltese Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs (MRRA), Arch. George Pullicino, visited the site of the on-going restoration works around the fortifications of Mdina, the ancient capital of the island of Malta.

Madliena Tower - Malta’s ‘Martello’ Tower

The importance and role of coastal defence in the Maltese islands during the first half of the nineteenth century,

Restoration of the Birgu Fortifications

The Birgu fortifications are one of Malta's four major historical works of military architecture and fortification earmarked for restoration by the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs (MRR)

Fort St Angelo during the Great Siege

If the fortified city of Birgu provided  the Hospitaller knights with their main front line defence in their island stronghold of Malta,

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