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Counterguard Chapel Reconstructed is glad to note that the Chapel of  St Roche on St Michael’s Counterguard, in Valletta, which was demolished during the Second World War and never rebuilt, has been faithfully reconstructed.

Replica palisade at Birgu

Visitors to the fortified city of Birgu, in Malta, during an ‘open weekend’ held on 25 and 26 October 2014, were able to see, amongst various other things, a replica of a wooden palisade du chemin couvert 
Mellieħa Ridge Defences

British Field Fortifications in the North of Malta at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

ARX - Hospitaller Coastal Batteries

Readers and subscribers of ARX online journal will be happy to learn that is currently finalizing another new publication dedicated to the eighteenth-century coastal batteries built by the Hospitaller Knights of St. John in the Maltese islands.

Unearthed features at the Cittadella

Ongoing conservation works unearth important original features.

Fort Manoel, Forthcoming issue of ARX

Fort Manoel: the design & construction of an 18th-century Hospitaller fort by Dr. Stephen C. Spiteri. Ph.D.

Defending Valletta's Marsamxett Enceinte

Seventeenth and eighteenth century proposals and projects for the Isoletto and Dragut Point.

Arx Occasional Papers - In Defence of the Coast I

Issue 3 of ARX Occasional Papers (2013) is dedicated to a study of the bastioned coastal towers of the Maltese islands.

Wignacourt’s Bastioned Towers

A new volume in the series Arx Occasional Papers, dedicated to the early seventeenth-century coastal fortifications built by the Knights of the Order of St John in the Maltese islands,

Forgotten WWII Post at Corradino

One of the least known and studied works of fortification in the Maltese island is the nineteenth-century enceinte known as the Corradino Lines.

Arx Occasional Papers - Hospitaller Gunpowder Magazines

The second issue of ARX Occasional Papers (2012) is dedicated to a detailed exposition of the Magasins à Poudre and other military storehouses built by the Knights of the Order of St John in the Maltese islands

Military Architecture in Baroque Malta

The International Institute for Baroque Studies at the University of Malta is offering a two-week Summer School on the military architecture of the Baroque age.

 Għajn Ħadid Tower and Aħrax Tower

Għajn Ħadid Tower and Aħrax Tower; Two De Redin Towers in Mellieħa.

DLĦ Architectural Heritage Award 2012

The Fortifications Interpretation Centre in Valletta, Malta, has been awarded Din l-Art Ħelwa’s Architectural Heritage Award for 2012.

Fort Campbell

History and Military Architecture of Fort Campbell in Selmun, Malta

Restoring Ximenes Redoubt

The restoration of the Knights’ period salt pans at Salina Bay, in the North of Malta, currently underway,

Campaigning for Rihama Battery

Din l-Art Helwa’s pioneering restoration of St. Mary’ Battery in Comino in the 1990s and lately, St Anthony’s Battery at Ras il-Qala in Gozo,

In search of Fort St Elmo 1565

Undeniably, the most fascinating aspect of Fort St Elmo's long and chequered history is the heroic role it played during the Great Siege of 1565.

Fort St Angelo Open Day

Today, Sunday 17th June, Heritage Malta is holding an OPEN DAY at Fort St Angelo.

Targa Battery Open Day

The Mosta Local Council held an open day at Targa Battery on Sunday 13 May in an effort to attract people

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