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Guarding against Contagion


This latest issue of ARX occasional papers (Issue 6/2016), authored by Dr. Stephen C. Spiteri, is dedicated to the role that coastal fortifications and guard posts played in the Hospitaller knights’ attempt to secure the Maltese islands against the real threat of contagion following the devastating outbreak of plague in the harbour city of Messina, in nearby Sicily, in 1743.

3D Reconstructions of Hospitaller Fortifications

Military is happy to announce that the first phase of an ambitious project which seeks to create 3D computer simulations of ALL the fortifications built, occupied, or adapted by the Hospitaller Knights

Bali de Souza’s Cannon

The mid-eighteenth century was an important and frantic period in the military administration of the Hospitaller knights of St John.

Matteo Perez d'Aleccio's Fortification

Public lecture by Dr Stephen C. Spiteri PhD organised by the International Institute for Baroque Studies at the University of Malta, in collaboration with Din l-Art Helwa.

Encyclopaedia of Hospitaller Military Architecture is working to issue its online publications on the fortifications and military architecture of the Hospitaller Knights of the Order of St. John,

Silent Sentinels of WWII

A short video feature produced by to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the End of the Second World War

Refurbished Birgu Ditch

Wednesday 27 January 2016 saw the inauguration and opening of Birgu’s land front ditch (il-Foss) following its rehabilitation by the Restoration Directorate as part of an ERDF project dedicated to the restoration and rehabilitation of the historic fortifications of the Maltese islands.

ARX Occasional Papers 5 - On the Study of Military Architecture

The significance of military architecture, why it deserves to be studied and how.

New Book on ERDF Restoration Works

The Restoration Directorate within the Ministry for Justice, Culture  and Local Government, Malta, has launched a new book documenting its work on the restoration and rehabilitation of the historic fortification of Malta and Gozo

ART EXHIBITION - Silent Sentinels of WWII

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the End of the Second World War, Military is holding an exhibition of original pen drawings of concrete defences from World War Two

Fortifications of the Great Siege

This 40-minute video documentary, produced by on the occasion of the 450 anniversary of the Great Siege, takes a look at the fortications of the Hospitaller Knights of St. John in 1565.

Tomaso Maria Napoli

Book review by Dr Stephen C Spiteri PhD 

Fort St. Elmo - After the Siege is marking the 450th anniversary of the Great Siege of Malta in 1565 with a drawing of Fort St. Elmo, entitled ‘Fort St. Elmo - After the Siege’.

Great Siege Exhibition

Readers of may be interested to know of a fascinating exhibition currently being held at the National Library of Malta,

Fort Manoel Video

Fort Manoel was the last of the major bastioned works of fortification built by the Hospitaller knights of St John in Malta.

Arx Fort Manoel, Occasional Papers 4

The design & construction of an eighteenth-century bastioned fort.

Qalet Marku gives up its Fougasse is happy to learn of the finding of a long-forgotten fougasse along the Baħar ic-Cagħaq coastline, on the north eastern side of Malta.

Din L-Art Ħelwa Restoring Tower

Din L-Art Ħelwa, Malta’s leading voluntary heritage organization, has begun work on the restoration of Wignacourt Tower at St. Paul’s Bay.

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