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Medieval and Later Fieldworks

From the late 14th century gunpowder artillery and small arms began to dominate the battlefield,

Rocca of Piancastagnaio

Since the 11th century the area of southern Tuscany around the castle of Piancastagnaio was the object of the expansionist politics

Capalbio Castle & City Walls

The Medieval village of Capalbio is located on a hill surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation

Castle Warfare in the Gesta Stephani

The reign of the English king Stephen (1135-1154), popularly known as 'the Anarchy', is a fruitful source of study

Fortified Amphitheater in Arles

The amphitheater was built in about A.D. 90. It is 136 meters long and 107 meters wide, with an external facade 21 meters high.

Towns and Defence in Later Medieval Germany

The future pope Pius II was astonished to discover how militarised a society urban Germany was.

The Bridge of the Visconti Family

From Preservation to Maintenance for a Safeguard Strategy.

Medieval siege warfare: A reconnaissance

Historians writing during the later nineteenth and the twentieth centuries unambiguously recognized the importance, indeed the central role, played by siege warfare

Medieval Earthworks of South Lincolnshire

In South Lincolnshire, defined as the former county divisions of Holland and Kesteven, there are a large number of earthwork sites of medieval or assumed medieval origin,

3D Reconstruction of Medieval Fortress in Travnik

The importance of the protection and reconstruction of archeological sites and monuments as a part of cultural heritage stands in their important characteristic

The Dating of Medieval Military Architecture

Much has been written about the dating of Medieval Military Architecture and many theories have grown up through the study of the so-called progression of building styles

Castles of Communities

This paper introduces the findings of a research project exploring the phenomenon of town defences in the later medieval period.

Revolution and the end of the Medieval Town

Fortification and discourse in seventeenth century Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Medieval Timber and Earthwork Fortifications in Western Ireland

In the absence of substantive documentary evidence which might illustrate processes of colonization, the distributional pattern of timber and earthwork fortifications has assumed the role of a surrogate in charting Anglo-Norman settlement in Ireland after 1169.


Secondo la storiografia corrente nel 1290 Maghinardo Pagani costruì il primo castello di Brisighella altrove, probabilmente sul vicino picco "dell'Orologio"

Baba Vida

The earliest culture in the Vidin Valley is related to a prehistoric settlement on the territory of today Vidin in the Neolithic and the Eneolithic Period (c. 6000 - c. 4000 BC).

Burg Eltz

The development of castles in the Middle Ages with their beauty and power, which continues to amaze us today, began in the 9th and 10th centuries.


Smederevo fortress is located on the confluence of the Jezava and the Danube, in the centre of Smederevo city, 45 km South East of Belgrade.

Corvinilor Castle, Romania

Some researchers place this first stone fortress in the 14th century.

A Cubete Artillero at Mdina?

The recent archaeological discoveries at Mdina have revealed how little is really known about the true shape and form of this city's ancient and medieval fortifications.

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