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Guarding against Contagion


This latest issue of ARX occasional papers (Issue 6/2016), authored by Dr. Stephen C. Spiteri, is dedicated to the role that coastal fortifications and guard posts played in the Hospitaller knights’ attempt to secure the Maltese islands against the real threat of contagion following the devastating outbreak of plague in the harbour city of Messina, in nearby Sicily, in 1743.

Encyclopaedia of Hospitaller Military Architecture is working to issue its online publications on the fortifications and military architecture of the Hospitaller Knights of the Order of St. John,

ARX Occasional Papers 5 - On the Study of Military Architecture

The significance of military architecture, why it deserves to be studied and how.

Arx Fort Manoel, Occasional Papers 4

The design & construction of an eighteenth-century bastioned fort.

ARX - Hospitaller Coastal Batteries

Readers and subscribers of ARX online journal will be happy to learn that is currently finalizing another new publication dedicated to the eighteenth-century coastal batteries built by the Hospitaller Knights of St. John in the Maltese islands.

Fort Manoel, Forthcoming issue of ARX

Fort Manoel: the design & construction of an 18th-century Hospitaller fort by Dr. Stephen C. Spiteri. Ph.D.

Arx Occasional Papers - In Defence of the Coast I

Issue 3 of ARX Occasional Papers (2013) is dedicated to a study of the bastioned coastal towers of the Maltese islands.

Wignacourt’s Bastioned Towers

A new volume in the series Arx Occasional Papers, dedicated to the early seventeenth-century coastal fortifications built by the Knights of the Order of St John in the Maltese islands,

Arx Occasional Papers - Hospitaller Gunpowder Magazines

The second issue of ARX Occasional Papers (2012) is dedicated to a detailed exposition of the Magasins à Poudre and other military storehouses built by the Knights of the Order of St John in the Maltese islands

Arx Journal Vol 8 2011

ARX 8 is largely dedicated to the ongoing restoration works on Malta's unique fortifications.

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