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Forte di Gavi, Italy

The origins of the Gavi Castle are difficult to establish reliably, due not only to the lack of supporting documentation but also to the countless legends that inevitably arise around such structures and are handed down over the centuries.

Volterra, Fortress and Town Walls

Volterra is one of the most important historical Tuscan towns, the first great Etruscan 'metropolis' (or as the ancients said 'lucumonia')

Malaspina Castle, Tuscany

The castle of Massa crowns the top of a rocky hill and from its position dominates the wide underlying plain and great part of the Tyrrhenian coast line.

Castello dell'Aquila, Gragnola

The Castello dell’Aquila [Eagle's Castle], a mighty fortified stronghold adapted to residence by the Marquises Malaspina, dominates Gragnola, a medieval village situated at the confluence of the streams Aulella and Lucido.

Castello Medioevale in Valle Caudina

La genesi ed il significato delle costruzioni fortificate agli albori dell'età medioevale

Sant’Andrea and Carpenedo

Fort Carpenedo  and Fort  S. Andrea can be considered as a kind of summary of what was the Venetian fortified system during the centuries.

The Fortress of Fenestrelle

In 1693, on the advice of General Nicolas Catinat, Louis XIV of France (the "SunKing") ordered that a fortress be built where the upper Chisone valley narrows, just below the village of Fenestrelle.


Parere di Gian Giacomo Leonardi

Conte di Montelabbate, sulla Fortezza Gerosolimitana di Malta, 31 Ottobre 1557

Towards the end of October 1557 a meeting took place, most probably in Venice. Present were Gian Giacomo Leonardi, Conte di Montelabbate (a very eminent military engineer), Cardinal Giulio della Rovere (who probably organised the meeting), Fra Cesare Visconti (a knight of the Order of St John) and a certain Signore Chiericato whose identity is obscure.

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