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The Castle of Melfi

The castle of Melfi in Basilicata is a monument owned by the Italian State and one of the most important medieval castles in Southern Italy.

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Static and dynamic analyses of Maniace Castle

A case study is presented of preliminary experimental and theoretical investigations

Castellammare del Golfo

Survey Techniques and Virtual Reality for the Recovery Plan of a Fortified Mediterranean Town.

Fortified Settlements in the Gran Sasso

Landscape collects and synthesizes time's and men's work in the physical space.

The Bridge of the Visconti Family

From Preservation to Maintenance for a Safeguard Strategy.

Sarzana and Sarzanello

Transitional Design and Renaissance Designers.

The Castle of Trezzo

"The castle of Trezzo, situated between Lecco and Cassano, is similar to that of Pavia;

The Influence of Geology on Battlefield Terrain

During the World War I conflict between the Austrian and Italian army, Austrian engineer units constructed hallways in the karst region of the Soča river.

The Siege of Syracuse

One of the most important campaigns during the Peloponnesian War.

Bastia Castle

The castle rises at the center of the little medieval suburb of Bastia, crowning a hill of 500 meters high,

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Defence of Byzantine and Longobard Italy

This thesis considers the patterns of settlement in Northern and Central Italy during the Byzantine and Longobard epochs,

Construction Techniques in Italian Barracks

During the years between the Unification of Italy (1861) and Fascism (1922-1943) there was a great development of military buildings.

Castello Sforzesco

Along with the Cathedral - Milan's most famous and much beloved monument - the big Castle is linked to the vicissitudes and dramatic events that the city has been experiencing over the past centuries.

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Corte d'Avalos

The castle is one of the most important monuments in Monte San Giovanni Campano (FR).

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Michele Sanmicheli

Sanmicheli was born in San Michele, a quarter of Verona, which at the time was part of the Venetian terra ferma.


Secondo la storiografia corrente nel 1290 Maghinardo Pagani costruì il primo castello di Brisighella altrove, probabilmente sul vicino picco "dell'Orologio"

Fort Sperone

For its dominating position on the top of Mount Peralto, the Sperone was one of the most important fortifications of the Piazza di Genova.

Il Forte di Exilles, Italy

Il Forte di Exilles, costruzione suggestiva e di grandissimo impatto visivo, è stato restituito al pubblico nel 2000

Laparellian Interventions

To the Girifalco fortress in Cortona, Italy.

Forte di Bard, Italy

Thick and bulky, the hill of Bard stands incongruously in the middle of a narrow valley

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