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Defending Renaissance Italy

The Innovative Culture of Italian Military Engineers.

The Sighting towers in Basilicata

"New life" for defence military architecture: the case of the sighting towers in Basilicata.

The Star Fort of Turin

Star forts were the fortifications composed of many triangular bastions, created from 1520s,

Malatesta Fortresses and Castles

The territory around Rimini is flat only in part.

Fortified Lagoon

History of ideas of fortification in the Lagoon of Venice.

Looking for a coastal profile

Elba Island as a model for historical iconographic interpretation.

A Changing Defense

Roman Impetus for the Evolution of Pompeian Fortification   

Walls of Bergamo

Between the Eneolithic and the late Bronze Age a settlement in the area of the present-day Colle della Rocca must have already existed.

Excavations at Monte Palazzi

The existence of Greek forts in Southern Italy has been known since the historian Thucydides recorded two Athenian attacks against a Locrian outpost

Fascist Colonialism

The archaeology of Italian outposts in western Ethiopia (1936-1941).   

Studies in Roman Republican Topography

The Servian Wall and the Porta Triumphalis.

Fortifications in the Strait of Messina

Cultural heritage and fortifications built for defence of the Strait of Messina in the late 19th century.


Alessandria is situated in the south-east part of Piedmont, at the confluence of the Bormida and Tanaro rivers.

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The Etruscan Castellum

Fortified Settlements and Regional Autonomy in Etruria.

Magliano Town Walls

The strategic importance of Magliano, so close to the sea and the inland of Mount Amiata and Pitigliano, has never been doubted.

Rocca of Tentennano

The Rocca of Tentennano crowns a rocky crag upon the medieval suburb of Rocca D'Orcia in the Val D'Orcia, province of Siena.

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Sant' Alessio Castle

Sant'Alessio Castle, locally known as Castello di Sant'Alessio, lies next to the town of Sant'Alessio Siculo,


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Civitella del Tronto

The toponym of Civita, from which Civitella derives, indicates an ancient town settlement, or a village built on the site of existing settlements.

Fighine Castle

The castle rises in an exceptional strategical position, on the watershed between the valleys of the Paglia and the Chiana streams

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Fortifications in the Gresta Valley

This work is part of a research on the use of terrestrial laser scanner, integrated with total station and GPS,

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