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Fortified Military Camps in Attica

This study of military camps in Attica was presented in slightly different form as a doctoral thesis to the Department of Classics of Harvard University

The Definition of Cyclopean

An Investigation into the Origins of the LH III Fortifications on Mainland Greece.


An Athenian Fort on Salamis.

Heraklion - Chania

A study of the evolution of its spatial and functional patterns

Hoplites and Obstacles

Until the mid-fourth century BC, Greek poliorcetics remained rudimentary, and well-walled cities were usually secure from enemy attack.

Fortifications of Mount Oneion

Controlling the passage of northern armies through the Isthmus to the Peloponnese was clearly a long-term strategic concern for diverse regional powers.

The Fortifications of Halai

The fortifications at Halai are documented through text and photographs in an attempt to compile a comprehensive record of the site's defensive features.

Acrocorinth in 1668

Acrocorinth in 1668 - A Turkish Account

Golemo Gradiste

A study of a late antique fortification.

The walls of Thessaloníki

A monument of Late Antique and Byzantine fortification.


The modern town of Koroni was founded in the 9th century on the site of the ancient city of Assine.

Historic Byzantine and Venetian Fortresses at Risk

Fortresses – symbols of the wealth and power of the Byzantine and Venetian period and built on Greek territory

 A neglected treasure once fit for a king

The seaside fortress of Asine near Nafplio is one of the country's most intriguing archaeological sites.


Chania is the most important town of western Crete, built on the eastern part of Chania bay, on the site of the ancient town of Cydonia.

The White Tower of Thessaloniki

Although the White Tower is one of the best conserved and most visible elements of the fortifications of Thessaloniki,

Fortifications of Mycenae

The fortification walls at Mycenae are best preserved along the northern side

Castles of the Aegean

Fortifying island settlements was unnecessary during the first years of the Eastern Roman Empire,

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Fortified Places in Greece

Heraklion became one of the largest and most heavily defended cities in the Mediterranean but its origins are uncertain.

New Halos

And The Hellenistic Fortifications of the Othrys Mountains, Thessaly.

Ancient Cynuria

Human activity and environment.

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