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Gates in Late Antiquity

In the Eastern Mediterranean.

Studies in Roman Republican Topography

The Servian Wall and the Porta Triumphalis.

Puerta del Sol

There are many hypotheses concerning the origins of this structure.

Bab al-Barqiyya

The Ayyubid Wall, as it stands under restoration today, runs for 1.5 km at a slight arc from south to north on the eastern side of Cairo.

English Ecclesiastical Fortifications

Urban defences proper were not the only fortifications in medieval towns.

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The Gates and the Walls of Rome

In the opening etching of Book I of Delle Magnificenze di Roma Antica e Moderna

History of Gates and Fortifications in Český Krumlov

Although the historical center of Český Krumlov belongs to the most preserved of town monuments in Bohemia,

Newcastle's Black Gate

Laser Scanning and 3D Imaging, Heritage Case Study.

Japanese Castle Gates

There are many different types of gates, but the basic construction is the same for all.

Porta dei Mortari

St Helen Gate – Sta Margherita Enceinte, Bormla.

Four Chamber Gates

In the ancient Near East from the Middle Bronze Age through the Iron Ages.

Restoration of Victoria Gate, Valletta

The end of the Great Siege in 1565 and the consequent need identified by Grand Master Jean de Valette to fortify the island further brought along the inception of a new fortified city, Valletta, in 1566.

Emblematic Motifs On Baroque Gates

Abstract: The four entrances into the city fortress, with the Gate of Carl VI at the ahead, are the most prominent baroque edifices preserved from the period of Austrian administration in Belgrade.


Restoration of Senglea Land front and Gateway

The current project underway by the Restoration Unit seeks to address the problems of pollution and decay along scarp walls.

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