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Fort de Mardyck

In the late 16th and early 17th century the Spanish-held port of Dunkirk was a base for privateers that preyed on Dutch shipping in the English Channel.

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Dieppe Castle

Dieppe Castle, locally known as Château-Musée de Dieppe, lies in the city of Dieppe,

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Attack on Fort Driant

About 5 miles southwest of Metz, just west of the Moselle River, stood Fort Driant, one of the strongest in the band of forts.  


By the mid-17th century the channel port of Dunkirk had a reputation for being a haven for privateers


A castle on the 100 meter high hill was built in the 1200s - Mons Medium it was called.

Condé sur l'Escaut

Situated in the midst of otherwise flat and uneventful terrain, the confluence of the Haine and Escaut rivers

Château de Bonaguil

Le Château de Bonaguil was the last medieval castle built in France.

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France: Exhibition of Fortified Towns

Scale models of fortified towns under the great glass roof of the Grand Palais.

Siege of Tournai, 1709

The winter of 1708-9 had been a severe one and France was suffering from food shortages.


The Mont de Watten stands at the western end of a line of low hills that runs across Flanders.


Longwy, like many towns in Lorraine, passed in and out of French hands throughout the 17th century.

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Mont Dauphin

Threat of invasion from Savoy prompted the French to further fortify the border.  

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The hell of Verdun

Verdun, which today is the capital of freedom, was once one of the most horrifying battlefields of the Great War.


The town of Limbourg stands on high ground above a loop in the river Vesdre,

Fort Hackenberg

Part of the intent of the Maginot Line was to deter war. In this, obviously, it failed.


In the 15th century the rich regions of Picardy, Flanders and Artois were part of the prosperous Duchy of Burgundy.


Before the present day town was founded, another town, Villelongue, with its mid 12th century Romanesque church,

Montrond Fortress

The fortress, located on the hill at Montrond, at the confluence of the Cher and Marmande valleys,

Fort Saint Vincent

The valley of the Ubaye river stretches from Barcelonette, in Savoyard territory, into France where the Ubaye meets the river Durance.

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The Defence of Calais

And the Development of Gunpowder Weaponry in England in the Late Fifteenth Century.

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