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Archaeology of the New Zealand Wars

The campaigns of the New Zealand Wars between Maori and Pakeha took place in various North Island districts

The Star Fort of Turin

Star forts were the fortifications composed of many triangular bastions, created from 1520s,

The defences of the Mersey

The river Mersey was one of the most important rivers in the country in Victorian times as along its northern side was the port of Liverpool

Malatesta Fortresses and Castles

The territory around Rimini is flat only in part.

Fort St. Elmo - After the Siege is marking the 450th anniversary of the Great Siege of Malta in 1565 with a drawing of Fort St. Elmo, entitled ‘Fort St. Elmo - After the Siege’.

Fort Manoel Video

Fort Manoel was the last of the major bastioned works of fortification built by the Hospitaller knights of St John in Malta.

Revitilising Historic Rostov

In the Netherlands little is known about the shared cultural history at Rostov.

Arx Fort Manoel, Occasional Papers 4

The design & construction of an eighteenth-century bastioned fort.

The Construction of Fort Negley

Fort Negley's historical story lies in its design and construction history, not in its military engagements.

St. Julian's Fort in Cartagena

Historical and architecural study of a late bastioned fort.

Valu Lui Traian

Rediscovering a 'lost' Roman frontier.

Valu Lui Traian

Rediscovering a 'lost' Roman frontier.

Fortified Lagoon

History of ideas of fortification in the Lagoon of Venice.

Lussonium Paks

Best practice of a Roman Park in Hungary.

Forts and Castles of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is situated in the extremesoutheast corner of the Arabian Peninsular

The Peter and Paul Fortress

In the center of St.-Petersburg, on the small island of the river Neva, the stone walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress were the first construction of the city.

Fort Caroline Found?

In an announcement that could rewrite the book on early colonization of the New World, two researchers today said they have proposed a location for the oldest fortified settlement ever found in North America.

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The Fortress of Aramus

The archaeological expedition of Yerevan State University began in 1988 excavations of Aramus fortress located on the south-western edge of the village Aramus, District Kotayk, Republic of Armenia.

Fort Widley

Several generations of Portsmouth people have given the nickname "Palmerston's Folly" to the Victorian forts on Portsdown Hill.

Castle Pinckney

Castle Pinckney is one of a few surviving "castle" style forts.

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