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Defending Renaissance Italy

The Innovative Culture of Italian Military Engineers.

Guthrie's Rolling Bridge

Following a visit to The Verne Citadel, Portland, by Geoffrey Salter and Peter Davies (H.C.C. Architect) it has been possible to examine the surviving pieces of a Guthrie rolling bridge.

Tomaso Maria Napoli

Book review by Dr Stephen C Spiteri PhD 

Substance and Practice

Building Technology and the Royal Engineers in Canada.

The Art of War

Tradition and Innovation in the Iconographic Representation of Alentejo Fortresses.

The Construction of Hadrian's Wall

The purpose of this thesis is to examine all the processes necessary to build theWall

History of the U. S. Topographical Engineers

Topographical engineers were authorized for War Department duty by an act of March 3, 1813,

Various Forms of Lithic Disguise

I finally had a chance to read John McPhee's book La Place de la Concorde Suisse,


Planning versus fortification

Sangallo's project for the defence of Rome.

The Geometry of War

The mathematicians of the Renaissance applied their geometry to all manner of practical disciplines

The Use of Iron in Fortification

Roumania is thinking of protecting a portion of the artillery of the forts surrounding her capital by metallic cupolas.

Prefabricated field fortification

From a simple single-level vehicle barrier or a 10 km perimeter wall, to an entire ammunition compound

Historic rammed earth structures in Spain

Construction techniques and a preliminary classification.

 Earth-filled Protective Barriers

First there were sandbags, then came gabion baskets, and now a new element in field fortifications is emerging that could give sappers an enhanced, multifaceted capability for force protection.

Traditional Rammed Earth

Rammed earth, also known in French as pisé de terre or simply pisé has been used since ages worldwide like many other earth techniques.

Historic Concrete Investigations

At Pointe du Hoc, Normandy, France.Toward interpretation and preservation of an important site.  

Early warning sound mirrors

A forerunner of Radar, acoustic mirrors were built on the south and northeast coasts of England between about 1916 and the 1930s.

Bricks, Sand, and Marble

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction in the Mediterranean and Middle East, 1947–1991.

Construction in Earths

If earth structures have a common characteristic it is in their mass and their modelling.

Mycenaean Geotechnical Engineering


This paper provides an overview of the Mycenaean civil engineering projects with emphasis in geotechnical engineering.

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