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Revitilising Historic Rostov

In the Netherlands little is known about the shared cultural history at Rostov.


In 1134 a storm surge created a new channel in the Flanders landscape; the Zwin.

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Forts of Ghana

Over a four hundred year period commencing just before the turn of the C15th, more than 60 fortified structures

Construction and Destruction

Of Military Architecture in the Mid-16th-Century Low Countries: Some Observations on Labour Force.

Fort Zoutman

In 1796 the "Comité Militaire" (Army Committee) founded in Curacao with acting governor Johan Rudolf Lauffer as civil captain,

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Fort Beekenburg

Fort Beekenburg lies on a rocky outcrop next to the Caracas bay east of the city of Willemstad,

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The Siege of Fort Zeelandia

The Siege of Fort Zeelandia , which took place in 1661 and 1662, ended the Dutch East India Company's rule over Taiwan

European Forts in Ghana

The first European built fort in Ghana was Fort São Jorge da Mina (Elmina), which was built by the Portuguese in 1482

Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Management of the cultural heritage of Galle Fort before and after the 26/12 devastation.

Adrian Boot

A Dutch Engineer in Colonial Spain.

Kessel Castle, Netherlands

Kessel Castle is also known as Keverborg Castle.

Brielle, Netherlands

In the Netherlands Brielle is best known for its role in the 80 Years War

Fort Rotterdam, Indonesia

Ujung Pandang, former Makassar, is one of the largest cities of Indonesia outside Java.

Stevin’s writings on architecture

Originally from the Flemish city of Bruges, Simon Stevin was one of the leading scholars of his day.

Nicolaus Goldmann, 1611-1665

Nicolaus Goldmann was born in 1611 in the Silesian capital Wroclaw (Poland) and died in 1665 in the Dutch town of Leiden, where he had lived from 1632 onward.

Bernard de Gomme

Bernard de Gomme (1620-1685) is the most important figure in 17th century English military engineering

The Dutch Vauban

Menno, baron van Coehoorn (March 1641 – March 17, 1704), was a Dutch soldier and military engineer of Swedish extraction.


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