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 Battery Brooke

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey.

Hereford's City Defences

A Conservation Management Plan.

Exhibition focuses on Shoreham Fort history

FROM the volunteers who manned it in 1857, to the volunteers who spend their weekends bringing it back to its former glory,

Athlone Town Walls and Defences

The subject of the study comprises both the extant walls and those lengths that have been demolished.

Swansea Castle to be made central feature of city's tourism strategy

IT WAS built by the Normans just 40 years after William the Conqueror's famous victory over King Harold

Scaping the Wall

This thesis undertakes the preservation of a section of the 16th century fortified wall of San Juan, Puerto Rico,

Research on Al-Murayjib Fort

Fifteen female students from the UAE University's Architecture Department have finished working on a project on Al-Murayjib Fort


A Celtic Hillfort in Luxembourg.

Castle campaign to start essential fundraising

The Restore Rochester Castle 2015 campaign has reached an important milestone in their crusade to save the crumbling ruins.

Military Organization of the Eastern Limes

SYGIS – the Finnish archaeological survey and mapping project of Jebel Bishri

The Albanian Fortified Citadel of Elbasan

Cultural heritage, particularly historical-architectural one, is rich in features related to the work's historic evolution

 Usage of old maps in GIS

The contribution deals with the usage of old maps in GIS for urban re-development.

The Spirit of Transilvanian Fortified Churches

The loss of cultural built heritage in many cases is caused by natural desasters as earthquake, fire, flood etc.

Tel Beer Sheva

Tel Beer Sheva National Park is located east of the modern city of Beer Sheva near the communities of Omer and Tel Sheva.

 18th Century Fortress Unearthed in Russia

Archeologists have dug out an ancient fortress at the industrial site of the production enterprise "Mayak" in Ozersk town

Sandal Castle

The Sandal Conservation Area is situated within the village of Sandal

Excavations at Burrough Hill

A projected 5-year programme of excavation and landscape survey focussed on the hillfort at Burrough Hill began in June 2010.  

Portencross Castle

Conservation Management Plan.

Ophel City Wall site inaugurated

The Ophel City Wall site – a complex of buildings uncovered along the route of the fortifications from the First Temple period

Denbigh Castle set for revamp

Denbigh Castle is to undergo a £600,000 revamp, including a new visitor centre.

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