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Restored Citadel of Herat

More than 300 craftsmen labored years shoring up the fortress in western Afghanistan, which opened last month as a museum and cultural center. At the opening, there was hopeful talk of a tourist draw.

Qal'at al-Bahrain

Qal'at al-Bahrain is the most important archaeological site of the Bahrain archipelago

Survey of Cadbury Hillfort

Cadbury Congresbury hillfort is situated 1km north of the village of Congresbury and1km south east of the village of Yatton,

Survey of Iasos's Boundary Wall

It's known that the defensive system of Iasos is connnected to two magnificent works, different for chronology and history.


The ancient walls of Nineveh form a rectangular shape approximately 1 mi by 3 mi (about 2 km by 5 km)

Historic Byzantine and Venetian Fortresses at Risk

Fortresses – symbols of the wealth and power of the Byzantine and Venetian period and built on Greek territory


The archaeological site of Porolissum contains an important prehistorically center (Neolithic, Bronze, Hallstatt) and Dacian,

Presenting Roman Military Sites to the Public

It is now over 100 years since the Saalburg was built. Today it still stands as the archetypal Roman fort.

Sandsfoot Castle Restoration

Weymouth's Sandsfoot Castle undergoes next stage of restoration project.

Rediscovering Tell Qadudi

Tell Qudadi (Tell esh-Shuna) is located on the northern bank of the mouth of the Yarkon River.

Archaeology of Potchefstroom Fort

The 1880—1881 Fort at Potchefstroom was the site of an eleven week siege from December 16th, 1880

Preserving Fort Monroe

On September 15, the Army formally deactivated Fort Monroe, the largest stone fort ever built in the United States

Fort Belvedere

Werk Gschwent Lavarone, today better known as Forte Belvedere, was designed by the Lieutenant of the Army Corps of Engineers

Repairs on Gulbarga Fort Begin

GULBARGA: The Bahmani dynasty, which ruled Gulbarga 600 years ago, left many monuments in Gulbarga region especially fort.

Hitler's Atlantic Wall: Should France preserve it?

Sections of Hitler's Atlantic Wall are being restored by French enthusiasts.

Swat: Remains of Ancient Castle Disappearing

The historical ruins of Gandhara civilisation can be seen at various places in the valley,

Reconstructive Study of Dur-Sharrukin

The experience presented here was gained in the context of the Project entitled Iraq Virtual Museum,

Jerusalem's walls restored, idiosyncracies and all

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli experts are nearing completion of an ambitious restoration of the five-century-old walls of Jerusalem,

Reconstructions on the German-Raetian Limes

Archaeologists in north-west Europe are faced with the challenge of bringing their understanding of the records

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