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The Star Fort of Turin

Star forts were the fortifications composed of many triangular bastions, created from 1520s,

The Definition of Cyclopean

An Investigation into the Origins of the LH III Fortifications on Mainland Greece.

Unearthed features at the Cittadella

Ongoing conservation works unearth important original features.

Unraveling Butrint

Putting together a city's history by studying its walls.


Alessandria is situated in the south-east part of Piedmont, at the confluence of the Bormida and Tanaro rivers.

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Burj El-Kashla

Documentation Report of Burj El-Kashla, Old City of Akka (Acre), Israel.

Parsa, a Stronghold for Darius

A Preliminary Study of the Defence System of Persepolis.

La Bastida unearths 4,200-year-old fortification

La Bastida unearths 4,200-year-old fortification, unique in continental Europe.


The town of Tournai stands on the river Escaut (Scheldt) in the province of Hainaut.

The Walls of Famagusta

These pages deal with the surviving monuments of the Frankish and Venetian rule over Cyprus (1192-1571).


A castle on the 100 meter high hill was built in the 1200s - Mons Medium it was called.

Condé sur l'Escaut

Situated in the midst of otherwise flat and uneventful terrain, the confluence of the Haine and Escaut rivers

Bad Radkersburg

Because of its border position, Radkersburg was strategically important as a fortress from the beginning.


The town of Limbourg stands on high ground above a loop in the river Vesdre,

Rocca of Piancastagnaio

Since the 11th century the area of southern Tuscany around the castle of Piancastagnaio was the object of the expansionist politics

An Anti-Conformist Proposal Regarding the Fortification of Gozo

Effective control of Gozo was critical for the defence of the Order's hub in the Grand Harbour area

Lucca's Fortified Enceinte

If, as psychologists have been trying to convince us for years, war is merely the collective expression of mankind's fears,

The Qasaba and Ramparts of Sousse

The ramparts, which are flanked by square or oblong towers, enclose the Medina.

Capalbio Castle & City Walls

The Medieval village of Capalbio is located on a hill surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation


Bam is situated in a desert environment on the southern edge of the Iranian high plateau.

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