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The myth of the motte and bailey castle in Scotland

An assessment of medieval earthwork fortifications in Scotland and their relationship to traditional Anglo-Norman motte and bailey castles, and earlier Scottish sites.

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Scotland's castles

Rescued, rebuilt and reoccupied, 1945-2010.


Malatesta Fortresses and Castles

The territory around Rimini is flat only in part.

Forts and Castles of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is situated in the extremesoutheast corner of the Arabian Peninsular

The castle of Ali Pasha at Butrint

From gateway to defence line.

Burgos castle siege tunnels & well

Amongst the most interesting features of Burgos castle are the medieval well, siege tunnels and counter mines that have been preserved below the surface.

Arrow-loops in the Great Tower of Kenilworth castle

It is surprising how few Norman castles exhibit arrow-loops (that is, tall vertical slits, cut through walls, widening internally (embrasure),

Silifke Castle

Silifke Castle, locally known as Silifke Kalesi, lies on a hill in the town with the same name in the province of Mersin in Turkey.

The Role of Castles

In the political and military history of the Crusader States and the Levant1187 to 1380.   

Fortifications in the Mátra Region

Medieval and modern fortifications in the Mátra region, Hungary.

Earth and Timber Castles of the Llŷn Peninsula

In their Archaeological, Historical and Landscape Context.   

Krak de Chevaliers damaged in Syria fighting

Video aired Saturday appears to show a 12th-century crusader castle in Syria being bombarded from the air as rebels and regime troops clashed in the central province of Homs.

Aspects of the archaeology of the castle in the north of England

This thesis is an examination of the archaeological, historical and landscape contexts of the Norman castle in the northern counties

Rammed earth walls in Serón de Nágima castle

The Raya or frontier between the kingdoms of Castile and Aragón was fortified with a system of castles and walled-cities

English castle garrisons in the Anglo-Scottish wars

The military history of the castle has been dominated by architecturally based studies whilst little attention has been paid to the men who manned them in time of war.

Chepstow Castle

If there is a castle that comes close to matching Harlech in historical importance, that castle is surely Chepstow.

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Dieppe Castle

Dieppe Castle, locally known as Château-Musée de Dieppe, lies in the city of Dieppe,

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Reappraisals in English Castle-study

Cultural realities and reappraisals in English castle-study.

Dig Uncovers Northampton Castle's Walls

Remains of the walls of Northampton Castle have been discovered at an archeological dig ahead of the £20 million redevelopment of Northampton railway station.

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