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Golemo Gradiste

A study of a late antique fortification.

Common plan needed for Diyarbakır’s walls

It is essential that all relevant parties work together to protect the walls of Diyarbakır given their iconic status,

The Corner of the Horn

An architectural review of the leaded magazine in Galata, Istanbul.   

Byzantine Fortresses in the Empire of Trebizond

The Empire of Trebizond stretched for hundred of miles along the coast of the Black Sea and it included several ports

The walls of Thessaloníki

A monument of Late Antique and Byzantine fortification.

Historic Byzantine and Venetian Fortresses at Risk

Fortresses – symbols of the wealth and power of the Byzantine and Venetian period and built on Greek territory


Chania is the most important town of western Crete, built on the eastern part of Chania bay, on the site of the ancient town of Cydonia.

The Fortresses of Thrace and Dacia

During the early Byzantine period (395–610), a great number of non-urban sites, recorded in ancient sources,

The White Tower of Thessaloniki

Although the White Tower is one of the best conserved and most visible elements of the fortifications of Thessaloniki,

The Despotate of Epirus

The Archaeology of a Late Byzantine State.

Post-Roman Towns

Trade and Settlement in Europe and Byzantium.

Justiniana Prima

Excavations in a Byzantine City of the 6th Century AD.

Castle of Clermont-Chlemoutsi

A Frankish Castle in the Peloponnese.

Fortified Ancyra

It seems that the one historical monument all visitors to Ankara remember are those 18 pentagonal towers which appear to rise from the Kaledağı 'like the prows of advancing ships'.

The Anastasian Wall Project

The monument known in antiquity as either the Long Walls of Thrace or the Anastasian Wall

Defence of Byzantine and Longobard Italy

This thesis considers the patterns of settlement in Northern and Central Italy during the Byzantine and Longobard epochs,

Photogrammetric Mapping

Of Mediterranean Defense Structures Using an Amateur Digital Camera, GPS and Theodolite.


The rocky coastal headland at Rethymno in northern Crete has been occupied since prehistory.


The complex of fortifications centred round the town of Nauplion (or Nafplion) is one of the most important and spectacular on the Greek mainland.

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