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Silent Sentinels of WWII

A short video feature produced by to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the End of the Second World War

Forgotten WWII Post at Corradino

One of the least known and studied works of fortification in the Maltese island is the nineteenth-century enceinte known as the Corradino Lines.

The Stalin Line

Fortification of the USSR's Western Border.

Concrete Mushrooms

Bunkers in Albania.

Hitler's Atlantic Wall: Should France preserve it?

Sections of Hitler's Atlantic Wall are being restored by French enthusiasts.

Sections of Atlantic Wall Sent to Museum

NEW ORLEANS — The grey, concrete, heavily scarred slabs that arrived at the National World War II Museum

Austrian defences against the former Yugoslavia

In 1945, the allies occupied Austria as part of a defeated Germany.

Defense of Betio Island

The following information about the Japanese defense of Betio Island is based on a joint study made by Marine Corps,

WWII Pillbox discovered at St Paul’s Bay

A World War II concrete machinegun post, or pillbox, has been unearthed at St Paul's Bay, in the north of Malta.  







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