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Archaeology of the New Zealand Wars

The campaigns of the New Zealand Wars between Maori and Pakeha took place in various North Island districts

The defences of the Mersey

The river Mersey was one of the most important rivers in the country in Victorian times as along its northern side was the port of Liverpool

Silent Sentinels of WWII

A short video feature produced by to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the End of the Second World War

Substance and Practice

Building Technology and the Royal Engineers in Canada.

Mellieħa Ridge Defences

British Field Fortifications in the North of Malta at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

British Army WW1 Trench Maps

The map shown here is a section of a British Army Trench Map of the area east of Ypres on the Ypres Salient battlefields in Belgium.

Fort Widley

Several generations of Portsmouth people have given the nickname "Palmerston's Folly" to the Victorian forts on Portsdown Hill.

Victoria's Gibraltar

Fortifications of Port Phillip Bay.

Forgotten WWII Post at Corradino

One of the least known and studied works of fortification in the Maltese island is the nineteenth-century enceinte known as the Corradino Lines.

Fort King George, Georgia

Settled by the English in 1670, Charleston was in no small part established to protect Virginia from the Spanish in St. Augustine, Florida.

Fort Campbell

History and Military Architecture of Fort Campbell in Selmun, Malta

St Mawes Castle

It is generally agreed that the geat age of castle building in medieval Britain came to an end in the early 13th century.

Fort Brockhurst

Fort Brockhurst is to all intents and purposes a castle, perhaps not in the traditional sense of a fortress, but a modern castle nonetheless.

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Targa Battery Open Day

The Mosta Local Council held an open day at Targa Battery on Sunday 13 May in an effort to attract people

Fort Lennox

Fort Lennox National Historic Site of Canada is a highly evocative military fortification and landscape

Fort Mosta

Few British-period works of military architecture manage to exert such a commanding presence,

British Stone Castles

Stone-built castles are amongst the best known and most prominent of all ancient monuments

Fort Charlotte

It is recorded that the fort was begun in 1665 to protect the Sound of Bressay against the Dutch.

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Earthwork Mounts in Huntingdonshire

The site is now divided into three parts: the central and largest part belongs to the town and is open to the public,

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