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The defences of the Mersey

The river Mersey was one of the most important rivers in the country in Victorian times as along its northern side was the port of Liverpool

Maxim Gorky Naval Battery, Sevastopol

After disastrous war with Japan in 1904-1905 Russian Imperial government decided to upgrade coastal defenses of the Sevastopol Navy Base in Crimea with two huge armored naval gun batteries.

ARX - Hospitaller Coastal Batteries

Readers and subscribers of ARX online journal will be happy to learn that is currently finalizing another new publication dedicated to the eighteenth-century coastal batteries built by the Hospitaller Knights of St. John in the Maltese islands.

History of the Coast Defenses of San Francisco

And Significance of Battery Cavallo.

Fortifications in the Strait of Messina

Cultural heritage and fortifications built for defence of the Strait of Messina in the late 19th century.

Fort Moultrie's 24 Pounders

During the mid-19th Century, the heaviest cannons used by the U.S. Army were generally designated as seacoast artillery.


Restoring Ximenes Redoubt

The restoration of the Knights’ period salt pans at Salina Bay, in the North of Malta, currently underway,

Campaigning for Rihama Battery

Din l-Art Helwa’s pioneering restoration of St. Mary’ Battery in Comino in the 1990s and lately, St Anthony’s Battery at Ras il-Qala in Gozo,

St Mawes Castle

It is generally agreed that the geat age of castle building in medieval Britain came to an end in the early 13th century.

Fort de Loncin

With the start of the Great War in the summer of 1914, Germany faced enemies on two fronts - the Russians and the French.  

Fortifications at Alcatraz

The U.S. Army's "Plan of 1870" began the next phase of major construction on Alcatraz Island.

WWII Towers of the Portsmouth Harbor Defenses

Gun Battery Fire-Control Towers (Base-End Stations) of the Portsmouth Harbor Defense Command.

Targa Battery Open Day

The Mosta Local Council held an open day at Targa Battery on Sunday 13 May in an effort to attract people

Reconstructed Gateway for Qala Battery

Din L-Art Ħelwa, Malta’s long-standing and leading non-profit-making voluntary heritage organization,

Flanking battery discovered in Valletta Ditch

The hitherto undocumented remains of what was once a low flanking battery situated in the ditch of Valletta,
Harbor Defense Works

Of the First and Second Systems.

Coastal Defences in Chile

ValdiviaValdivia was founded in 1552 by the Spanish conquistaor Pedro de Valdivia

Fort MacArthur

Defender of Los Angeles.

Exhibition focuses on Shoreham Fort history

FROM the volunteers who manned it in 1857, to the volunteers who spend their weekends bringing it back to its former glory,

Coastal Defences of Galicia

During the Age of Enlightenment.

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