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A Chapel on the Ramparts

The Chapel of  St Roche on  St Michael Counterguard along the land front of Valletta’s bastioned enceinte.

Conversion of Bastion Fortifications in Karlovac

Bastion fortifications had to be converted to new uses since they were no longer needed

Restoration of St Christopher Bastion

The Restoration Directorate in the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs recently commenced with the restoration

Problems in the history of bastioned fortifications

Methods of restoration and rehabilitation of the bastioned fortifications with earthen rampart.

Constructive Principles of the Italian System

Used To build the bastioned fortification of Oradea Fortress.

Vittoriosa Bastions Revealed

A section of the Vittoriosa bastions that was hidden for almost a hundred years was revealed today

Restoration of Senglea Land front and Gateway

The current project underway by the Restoration Unit seeks to address the problems of pollution and decay along scarp walls.







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