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Bali de Souza’s Cannon

The mid-eighteenth century was an important and frantic period in the military administration of the Hospitaller knights of St John.

Qalet Marku gives up its Fougasse is happy to learn of the finding of a long-forgotten fougasse along the Baħar ic-Cagħaq coastline, on the north eastern side of Malta.

The Early Effects of Gunpowder on Fortress Design

The introduction of gunpowder did not immediately transform the battlefields of Europe.

Artillery Buildings in Algoa Bay

Researcher Richard Tomlinson describes what was done to camouflage Port Elizabeth's sea fortifications during the Second World War.

Projectile Throwing Engines of the Ancients
Of ancient Greek authors who have left us accounts of these engines, Heron (284-221 B.C.) and Philo (about 200 B.C.) are the most trustworthy.
Arx Occasional Papers - Hospitaller Gunpowder Magazines

The second issue of ARX Occasional Papers (2012) is dedicated to a detailed exposition of the Magasins à Poudre and other military storehouses built by the Knights of the Order of St John in the Maltese islands

Fort Moultrie's 24 Pounders

During the mid-19th Century, the heaviest cannons used by the U.S. Army were generally designated as seacoast artillery.


An Introduction to Artillery Fortification

In the last few decades there has been increasing acceptance that post-medieval fortifications have equal importance as,

British Coast Defence Guns

'A fort without guns is like a mouth without teeth' is an apt description of many of the fortifications remaining in the United Kingdom

Early Artillery Towers

In 1922 F. Krischen's study of the fortifications of Latmian Herakleia laid the foundations for an assessment

Harbor Defense Works

Of the First and Second Systems.

Coastal Defences in Chile

ValdiviaValdivia was founded in 1552 by the Spanish conquistaor Pedro de Valdivia

The Defence of Calais

And the Development of Gunpowder Weaponry in England in the Late Fifteenth Century.

Roman Artillery Balls from Qasr Ibri

"The Ethiopians who extend towards the south and Meroe are not many in number and are a scattered population

British Artillery Castles

An artillery castle is a powerful defensive structure built specifically to house heavy guns, usually forming concentric defences

Chinese Siege Warfare Weapons

The Hudun Pao or "Crouching Tiger" Catapult, is a medium-sized catapult

Armstrong Barbette Batteries of Tangier

Tangier is one of the few remaining places where batteries of Rifled Muzzle Loaders may be seen.

The Adolf Gun

The 40.6 cm Schnelladekanone C/34, sometimes known as the Adolfkanone (Adolf gun), was a German naval gun, designed in 1934


Artillery Defences of Britain

Artillery defences are fortifications built to mount and resist the effects of gunpowder artillery.

Excavated Bomb Suggests Early Start for Artillery

Archeologists in northern Germany have discovered two projectiles from the 17 century that suggest exploding cannon balls

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