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Gates in Late Antiquity

In the Eastern Mediterranean.

Gnien is-Sultan

One finds that most studies on the fortified city of Valletta are primarily concerned with the history and development of the city’s military architecture.

Tomaso Maria Napoli

Book review by Dr Stephen C Spiteri PhD 

Constantine's Military Architecture in the Balkans

The elevation, of Constantine I by the military to the Roman imperial throne in 306

The Construction of Fort Negley

Fort Negley's historical story lies in its design and construction history, not in its military engagements.

The Iron Duke's West Indian Barracks

Wellington's Uniform Barrack System crystallized a complex vision, imprinting an 1820s type on generations of military builders for over a century.

The Definition of Cyclopean

An Investigation into the Origins of the LH III Fortifications on Mainland Greece.

The Early Effects of Gunpowder on Fortress Design

The introduction of gunpowder did not immediately transform the battlefields of Europe.

Looking for a coastal profile

Elba Island as a model for historical iconographic interpretation.

Characterization of the Ball Game in Walled Settlements

In research on the implementation of the ball game in the historic centers, there have been similarities between spaces, where the game has been implemented in the walled settlements,

Burgos castle siege tunnels & well

Amongst the most interesting features of Burgos castle are the medieval well, siege tunnels and counter mines that have been preserved below the surface.

The Redoubts of West Point

By the middle part of the Eighteenth Century, military art and science was an advanced field of study.

Arrow-loops in the Great Tower of Kenilworth castle

It is surprising how few Norman castles exhibit arrow-loops (that is, tall vertical slits, cut through walls, widening internally (embrasure),

The Role of Castles

In the political and military history of the Crusader States and the Levant1187 to 1380.   

North American Martello Towers

Historically, military architecture has been noted for its beauty and logic.

Castle Pinckney

Castle Pinckney is one of a few surviving "castle" style forts.

Military Architecture in Minorca

Defences for the Island of Minorca already appear in its earliest history.

Earth and Timber Castles of the Llŷn Peninsula

In their Archaeological, Historical and Landscape Context.   

Walls of Bergamo

Between the Eneolithic and the late Bronze Age a settlement in the area of the present-day Colle della Rocca must have already existed.

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