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Ancient Architecture in Syria

Far out in the desert, in the midst of a rolling plain, beside the dry bed of an ancient stream, there is a deserted city.

Military Architecture in Minorca

Defences for the Island of Minorca already appear in its earliest history.

Inca Quarrying and Stonecutting

Inca construction techniques have long been the subject of wild speculation.

Fascist Colonialism

The archaeology of Italian outposts in western Ethiopia (1936-1941).   

Aspects of the archaeology of the castle in the north of England

This thesis is an examination of the archaeological, historical and landscape contexts of the Norman castle in the northern counties

The Construction of Hadrian's Wall

The purpose of this thesis is to examine all the processes necessary to build theWall

Maginot Line or Fort Apache?

Using forts to Shape the Counterinsurgency Battlefield.  

Fortifications of Mount Oneion

Controlling the passage of northern armies through the Isthmus to the Peloponnese was clearly a long-term strategic concern for diverse regional powers.

Periph Fluide: Siege Tactics in Architecture.

Throughout history the city wall has evolved in response to technological innovation and topographical serendipity.

Defensible or not defensible?

Guard houses from Middle and Late Minoan Crete revisited, using GIS and Space Syntax.

The São Sebastião fortress at Mozambique Island

A testimony of the variety in sixteenth century military architecture.

Fortified Frontier Farmhouses

Fortified frontier farmhouses: English precedent for the Eastern Cape.

Golemo Gradiste

A study of a late antique fortification.

The Etruscan Castellum

Fortified Settlements and Regional Autonomy in Etruria.

Evolution of Roman Defences on the Danube.

The evolution of the Roman Defence Systems and Fortifications in the Lower Danube provinces in the first and second centuries AD.

Lowland Maya Fortifications

The purpose  of this paper is to review the evidence for, and implications of, Lowland Maya military architecture,

Stabilization and Preservation of DoD-owned Military Fortifications

Numerous DoD installations contain historic military fortifications. These fortifications have been constructed through a large number of historic periods,

Hidden Complexities of the Frankish Castle

Social Aspects of Space in the Configurational Architecture of Frankish Castles in the Holy Land, 1099-1291.

Fortification as a Political Instrument

by the Ayyubids and the Mamluks in Bilad al-Sham and in Egypt

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