Archeologists unearth 400 year old battery

It was the gun that helped England secure its first foothold in the future Canada four centuries ago.

Now, archeologists in Newfoundland have unearthed the 400-year-old remains of a cannon site built to defend Cupids, the 17th-century colony recently celebrated as Canada's earliest English settlement.

The stone base of the gun battery, discovered last month as part of a continuing excavation in the historic Conception Bay village, is the most vivid reminder yet of the threats posed to England's fragile New World outpost by pirates and potential rivals from France.

Bill Gilbert, the lead archeologist at Cupids, said historians have long known that "piracy posed a real threat to the fledgling colony" and led its leaders to bolster the settlement's modest defences in 1612, two years after a colonizing party led by John Guy established the community.

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Article Source: www.vancouversun.com

Image Source: "Excavations at Cupids" - http://www.seethesites.ca/the-sites/cupids-cove-plantation.aspx



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