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Tal-Ħamrija Coastal Tower



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Tal-Ħamrija Tower is one of the thirteen watchtowers that Grandmaster De Redin ordered built. This tower was built in the year 1569 and is the last of the coastal towers on the south-western coast of Malta. These towers were designed to relay warning signals all the way to the capital city of Valletta. This particular tower was originally armed with a 3-pounder gun and a ½-pounder gun. The guns were too small to be of much use against the enemy and were probably used as a signal.


The tal-Ħamrija Tower is located just a few hundred meters from two Neolithic temple sites, Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim. The tower stands on a cliff and has an excellent view of the island of Filfla.


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