The Fougasse, Stone Mortar of MaltaShort feature on the fougasse, a mortar carved in rock invented by the...
milita15 - features
2014-11-30 04:04:07
Wignacourt's Bastioned TowersWignacourt\'s Bastioned Towers is\'s first ful...
milita15 - features
2013-12-16 13:47:28
L-Ahrax Tower and Battery3D Model of Hospitaller coastal tower and battery at L-Ahrax, limits o...
milita15 - 3D Models
2012-12-27 13:20:19
Ximenes Redoubt, Malta3D Model of Ximenes Redoubt (1715/16) in Salina, Malta...
milita15 - 3D Models
2012-09-07 13:20:06
Rihama Battery, St Thomas Bay3D Reconstruction of the Rihama Battery in St. thomas Bay in Malta...
milita15 - 3D Models
2012-09-03 10:30:58
Fort St. Angelo - 3D Model3D Model of Fort St. Angelo, Hospitaller Fortress in the Grand Harbour...
milita15 - 3D Models
2012-03-31 15:03:48
Fort Tigne'3D Model of Fort Tigne\', Malta, 1792...
milita15 - 3D Models
2011-12-19 13:01:08
St Anthony BatterySt. Anthony Battery, Ras il-Qala, Gozo...
milita15 - 3D Models
2011-01-27 13:40:21
Greeks' Gate in Mdina after Hospitaller modificationsVideo showing sectional cutaway through Greeks\' Gate and passageway i...
milita15 - 3D Models
2010-05-25 03:50:51
St. Julians Tower Battery Malta3D Rendition of St. Julians Hospitaller Battery, Malta - by Dr. Stephe...
milita15 - 3D Models
2010-04-11 02:10:45
3D model of a typical Hospitaller coastal battery3D model of a typical 18th Century Hospitaller coastal battery by Mr E...
milita15 - 3D Models
2010-04-11 02:08:40
Mgarr ix-Xini Tower, Gozo, FeatureFeature on restoration of Mgarr Ix-Xini Tower...
milita15 - Fortifications
2010-03-30 04:24:57








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