L-Ahrax Tower and Battery3D Model of Hospitaller coastal tower and battery at L-Ahrax, limits o...
milita15 - 3D Models
2012-12-27 13:20:19
Rihama Battery, St Thomas Bay3D Reconstruction of the Rihama Battery in St. thomas Bay in Malta...
milita15 - 3D Models
2012-09-03 10:30:58
Targa Battery3D Model of Targa Battery, Victoria Lines, Mosta, Malta...
milita15 - 3D Models
2012-05-24 12:33:41
St Anthony BatterySt. Anthony Battery, Ras il-Qala, Gozo...
milita15 - 3D Models
2011-01-27 13:40:21
Fort GilkickerA Victorian Coast Defence Battery at Stokes Bay, Gosport, Hampshire UK...
milita15 - Fortifications
2010-11-28 14:04:58
St. Thomas Tower and Battery, M'Scala, Malta3D Model of St. Thomas Tower and Battery, M\'Scala, Malta by Dr. Steph...
milita15 - 3D Models
2010-10-22 12:06:13
St. Julians Tower Battery Malta3D Rendition of St. Julians Hospitaller Battery, Malta - by Dr. Stephe...
milita15 - 3D Models
2010-04-11 02:10:45
3D model of a typical Hospitaller coastal battery3D model of a typical 18th Century Hospitaller coastal battery by Mr E...
milita15 - 3D Models
2010-04-11 02:08:40
7,5 cm/57 series 1 Coastal Artillery Gun ( Sweden )A short clip from a 7,5 cm/57 series 1 Coastal Artillery Gun located a...
milita15 - Arms and Armour
2010-02-10 11:48:14








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