The Age of Armour

The goal of this project was to create a documentary for public view at the Higgins Armory Museum.  


The Higgins Armory Museum, located in Worcester, MA, is "the onlymuseum in the Western Hemisphere entirely devoted to the study and display of arms andarmor". This museum features over 4,000 artifacts ranging from ancient times up to and including the Renaissance. Higgins displays many of its artifacts, and the museum also presents re-enactors and video documentaries made specifically for the museum.

Our documentary discusses the changes in European armor from Ancient Greece through the Renaissance. The focus of this 12 minute documentary is the interconnectedness of society, war, technology, and armor. The documentary is to be used as an introduction to the collections at the museum, giving visitors a basic understanding of what they will be seeing as they explore the museum. All the historical information within the documentary is presented at a level understandable by a broad audience.  

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Authors: Genevieve Boman, Tamlyn Miller & Gregory Sheaffer

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Image Source: Wikipedia

Keywords: Armour, Warfare, Development, History


Genevieve Boman, Tamlyn Miller & Gregory Sheaffer

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