Siege Warfare in Ancient Egypt

It is clear that the Egyptians did posses the means to conduct siege warfare, though in reality, like other powers in the region such as the Assyrian, they tried to avoid this type of battle where possible.

They preferred, rather, to force a military decision on the battlefield. However, with the large number of fortified cities throughout Palestine and Canaan, they were forced to employ siege warfare at times, though they were probably less adapt at this form of battle then some of their neighbors.

Yet some recorded sieges were prolonged affairs going on for months and even years, and a few of them are important markers in Egyptian history: For example, the successful siege of Hatwaret(Avaris) by Ahmose I signalled the end of theHyksos presence in Egypt.  The three year siege and taking of Sharuhen in southern Canaan opened the path to start to hegemony over the Levant and with the fall of Megiddo after a seven month siege Canaan came under direct control of the Egypt'sTuthmosis III. Other important sieges include Seti I's attack on the great city of Kadesh on the Orontes prior to his son's famous battle in the same area.

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