Wellington's Military Structures

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. Known for such structures as "The Beehive" (part of Parliament buildings) and "Te Papa" (the Museum of New Zealand).

What is generally not known is the military structures around Wellington. They cover a period of New Zealand's defence from the 1880's to today. This is an often overlooked aspect of Wellington although it is an important aspect of the capital's and New Zealand's heritage.

The Gardens Battery, Fort Buckley and Fort Kelburne were built during a period when the focus of Wellington's coastal defence was to defend the inner harbour. The batteries built at Pt Halswell, Kau Pt. and the two built at Pt. Gordon (Fort Ballance and Fort Gordon) were built when the focus had changed to that of denying entry into the harbour. These forts were built during a period when Great Britain was at war with Russia. And as New Zealand at the time was a part of the British Empire there was a perceived threat which was met by buying these guns and building these defences. Luckily they were never fired in anger at an enemy which is probably just as well as they were already obsolete by the time they were installed.

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